Happiness Is A Dancing Venezuelan

Welcome back to Chatting Practice! This episode of comedian Bryan Hatt’s mother’s second-favourite sports/comedy podcast is brought to you by the Firm of Bob Sukalott (4:30). Bryan provides us with a primer on the various factions of Jays Nation (5:31), before he and producer Matt Burke face off once again in Shirts & Skins (7:45). Finally, Bryan talks Blue Jays baseball with Jays Journal podcast host Ari Shapiro (22:18). Will this episode be any good, or will it succumb to the sophomore slump? Tune in to find out!

Let There Be Chat

Comedian Bryan Hatt welcomes you to the inaugural episode of Chatting Practice, brought to you by MyUndies (3:53). He and producer Matt Burke face off in Shirts & Skins (5:35), then throw to Chip Vanderswank’s Dome Improvement (17:30). Finally, the gentlemen conduct an interview with current stand-up comedian and former NFL/CFL offensive lineman Mark Hatfield (20:43). A splendid time is guaranteed for all.